MAY 2003

"Slow motion gets you there faster." --Hoagy Carmichael (1899-1981) is a visual playground featuring drawings and animations made specifically on and for the computer. I create the content and develop the design of from a basement studio in mossy Portland de Oregon. began it's current form in October 2000, and today I still keyboard the XHTML and CSS languages from scratch.

The name originates from a creative epiphany in the last year of the 20th century. The journey began as I steered my combustible engine wagon through the meandering roads of The Olympic National Park. Cruising at the Park's speed limit of 40 mph was surprisingly fluid and relaxed. Curiously, 40 mph seemed to be the maximum speed everywhere in the Park. Why was that? I conjectured the roads were designed for sight-seeing!

As a visual artist I was thrilled with the idea of a road designed to enhance the driver's visual experience of the landscape. The road is not a crudely efficient asphaltic path between two points; the road is built to serve to the visual beauty of the land via the vehicle (How the road impacts the land itself is another matter). From this basis I expounded that 40 mph is the universal driving speed to enjoy scenery from a moving vehicle. The White Paper is forthcoming (just kidding).

During that summer trip I was also seeking and brain-storming for personal web site names. And then, viola, was born as the repetition of passing endless 40 mph signs converged with my new realization of sight-seeing roads.

Whatever miles you travel in a hour, I hope you enjoy this web site/sight...

DaN (hand drawn)

(January 2007)