BLANK PAGE IDEAS (hand drawn words gif)

2002: November: I don't feel I will produce more of these sketchbooks in PDF, yet the animated gifs are not satisfactory. However, I will always be generating sketchbooks in some type of medium. Certainly pieces of these sketchbooks will show up in my screen print art. Yes, a non-digital phenomenon, pulp and ink expressions. This is appealing because artifacts created by screenprinting are not dependent on electricity for their existence.

2002: March: I am now animating these sketchbooks regularly. I have begun to cut and edit images after the initial drawings are made.

2001: My sketchbook reaction created on September 11, 2001

2000: December 17: Animated drawing experiment

2000: December 5

The sketchbooks posted here are created with a digital pen using the software Kid Pix. Originally, I planned to show sketchbooks I created with a pen flowing ink onto paper.

After lengthy experiments trying to utilize the software Photoshop and Freehand to transform the sketchbook "Jun